Cleveleys Taekwondo

Senior Citizens Hall, Victoria Rd (opp Sainsbury local) Cleveleys

 Come along and improve your fitness & flexibility, learn taekwondo & self defence skills in a friendly environment

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 Mondays & Thursday @ Senior Citizens Hall, Victoria Rd (opp Sainsbury local), Cleveleys

 5.30-6.30 pm Juniors beginners (Year 1+ above) - low grades
 6.45-8.00 pm Junior intermediate-advanced grades
 8.00-9.15 pm Teenage / Adult beginners & all grades

 Saturdays @ W H F Studios, Butts Close, Red Marsh, Thornton  (fully matted floor)
10.30-12 for green tags and above:
 sparring, advanced kicks and non grading practice

Class fees:

2 free classes for beginners!  Just come along in jogging bottoms/leggings for your 2 free classes, no need to book.

Monday and Thursday fees are £4.50 for an individual fee or 2 members of the same family for £7.50.  There is also a 4 weekly fee which saves money depending on how many classes are attended and offers discounts or families.  Please ask for details.

Saturday fees are £5 for an individual fee (or 2 members of the same family for £7.50) or £2.50 if the class is the 3rd attended class of the week . The 4 weekly fees are not available to use in this class. 

Students can train once or twice a week but we recommend training twice a week for greater progression. 


Our club is very much a family orientated club and we allow parents to watch their children if they wish to.  We offer a high standard of tuition with lots of equipment and varied lessons.  No one lesson is th same and we are always thinking of new training ideas but we are very strict on discipline, especially in the junior classes.  Unlike many other local clubs we provide our students with all the equipment they need (apart from the uniform - prices start at £18!).  We also have 2 electronic strike pads which measure students power  and speed and Master Andrew has recently bought an electronic body protector similar to those that were recently used at the olympics that students can try out.  Aswell as offering regular gradings (exams) where students try for their next belt (every 3 months), we also offer; merit badges (every 3 months), black belt achievement awards (every 6 months), competitions (every 6 months) and  merit stickers in the junior classes (every class).

The senior Instructors are Master Corinna Broadbent 6th Dan and Master Andrew Warwick 6th Dan who are brother and sister and have been training since 1985. They have been unified British Champions many times and international competitors in Sport Taekwondo.  They are also assisted by a number of black belt instructors who provide valuable assistance. The club is affiliated to the National Governing Body and Master Corinna and Master Andrew are registered instructors and are CRB enhanced checked.  See below for full instructor CV.

As Taekwondo is a martial art, all students, especially children should understand that respect & etiquette are part of e
very lesson. Listening, good behaviour & concentration are expected in every class. Students should not misuse any skills at school, the park etc. Taekwondo is taught for self defence and not for attack and we hope that parents will support us and explain this ethos to young children.

Training in Taekwondo has numerous benefits, it can:
increase self esteem and self confidence, develop discipline, etiquette and respect,
improve co-ordination, fitness and
flexibility and create new friendships.

The main Taekwondo skills you will learn are;
kicks,blocks,strikes, stances, patterns, one step sparring, non contact sparring,sport tkd (olympic) sparring and self defence aswell as general fitness and flexibility training.

Five Tenets Of  Taekwondo:

Courtesy- be polite and have good manners
Integrity- be honest and trustworthy as a person
Perseverance -keep trying and don’t give up if things become difficult
Self control- control of body and mind to walk away from situations of conflict
Indomitable spirit- show courage when times get tough

Cleveleys Taekwondo Oath:

‘As a student of Taekwondo I do solemnly pledge to abide by the rules and regulations of Cleveleys Taekwondo, strive always to be modest, courteous and respectful to all members in particular to my seniors, to put the art into use of self defence or defence of the weak and never to abuse my knowledge of the art’


Master Corinna’s Taekwondo CV

Date started TKD: 1985
Gained 1st Dan: 1988
Gained 2nd Dan: 1990
Gained 3rd Dan: 1993
Gained 4th Dan: 1998

Gained 5th Dan: 2005
Gained 6th Dan: 2011
        Numerous local, regional and national sport Taekwondo competition wins 1986–1997 including:BTF, BTC & BTCB champion,
        twice 'champion of champions', GB vs Korea, x7 international competitions
        2 week training trip to South Korea in 1994
        Bed Physical Education Secondary Education degree 1993-1997
        Attended Sports Coach UK good practice, child protection and First Aid Courses
        Current registered instructor with National Governing Body and CRB enhanced clearance

Master Andrew's Taekwondo CV

Date started TKD: 1987
Gained 1 st Dan: 1992
Gained 2nd Dan: 1994
Gained 3 rd Dan: 1997
Gained 4 th Dan: 2001
Gained 5 th Dan: 2006
Gained 6th Dan: 2011 

          Numerous local, regional and national sport Taekwondo competition wins 1987– 1998 inc BTF & BTCB champion
         British Team member in 1996 European Championships, Helsinki and 1997 World Championships, Hong Kong
         2 week training trip to South Korea in 2005
         Attended Sports Coach UK good practice, coaching disabled children, child protection and first aid courses.
         Current registered instructor with National Governing Body and CRB enhanced clearance.